Gum disease and tooth decay have caused 20% of adults to suffer total tooth loss

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Total tooth loss—known as edentulism—is mostly caused by something that is completely avoidable. Even without expensive dental care

 Gum disease and tooth decay are the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. At least 74% of adults will have to have at least one tooth extracted. Of that 74% more than half the extractions will be caused by poor oral health, with the other half being injury or accident.

Gum disease is, while one of the most prevalent oral health problems, easily prevented and avoided. All it takes is a proper oral hygiene routine and eating less sugary and starchy foods. A proper oral hygiene routine (as most people would be aware) is to brush and floss your teeth daily: brushing twice a day and flossing at night before bed. The reason you want to floss at night is simple: when we sleep our mouth produces less saliva. Less saliva means that bacteria have a better chance of forming plaque on your teeth.

…and the best time to brush your teeth is?

Did you also know that it is more beneficial for your teeth if you wait at least half an hour before you clean your teeth? Waiting half an hour is better for your teeth because after eating tooth enamel is softer and more vulnerable to abrasion. So when you brush you can actually be doing harm to your teeth.

The alternative is, if you do not have time to wait, is to drink water and rinse your mouth first before brushing.

Giving your oral health the best care

Brushing, flossing, eating less sugary and starchy foods is only a part of maintaining optimal oral hygiene. Another part is regular dental check-ups and cleans. A professional clean from a dentist or dental hygienist will clean your teeth in a way that a tooth brush, floss and mouth wash cannot.

Your dentist can remove plaque build-up and ensure that your have optimal oral health. Removing plaque build-up prevents cavities from forming. Cavities, if left unchecked can cause decay and can lead to gum disease and the need for root canal therapy.

19% of adults have either full or partial dentures

Dentures are an effective way to replace multiple missing teeth and can restore bite and chewing function. With modern dentistry you don’t have to put up with slippery or loose dentures. You can get implant-supported dentures which is better for your overall oral health. It also means that you don’t have to worry about dental adhesives or your dentures falling out.

At Brisbane Dental Implant Group we offer a range of implant-supported dentures treatments to suit a variety of people and their oral health concerns.

6% of adults have no teeth left

If you are suffering from total tooth loss implant-supported dentures are the best choice for you. Not only are implant-supported dentures better for your health they also look better because they won’t slide or slip around.

The reasons that implant-supported dentures are better for your health are:

  • The four to eight implants used can help to maintain jawbone structure.
  • The dentures will help with bite function and speech.
  • Overall the treatment will provide shape to your jaw and make eating easier.

Don’t suffer with missing teeth. If you have lost one or more teeth talk to the team at Brisbane Dental Implant Group. Our team of dental professionals will work closely with you to give you the best treatment for your missing teeth.

To find out more about how Brisbane Dental Implant Group can help you, contact us today.

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