Should I get Dental implants or root canal therapy?

Dental implants replace a tooth: root canal therapy saves a tooth

There still seems to be some debate over which one is better: dental implants or root canal therapy. Some people might also be asking, “are implants safer than root canals?” The truth is they are two very different procedures.

Root canal therapy is designed to save your tooth from needing to be extracted. Generally speaking, this treatment would not be performed on a tooth that requires extraction. Whereas implant dentistry replaces the missing tooth to provide you with the look and functionality of a natural tooth.

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Implant dentistry is not an alternative to root canal therapy

In dentistry, saving your natural tooth is the best option. Because nothing is better for your oral health than your natural teeth. Which is why root canal therapy is the best way to go: if possible. However, there are instances when the infection has damaged the tooth to the point where it cannot be saved. This is when implant dentistry is the best option.

Why dental implants are a great tooth replacement option

If you’ve lost a tooth it is in the best interest of your health to replace it. When you lose a tooth the jawbone that holds the tooth root begins to slowly but gradually shrink. This can affect your overall bite as well as have a domino effect that causes further tooth loss.

Then there’s what happens above the surface. Teeth on either side of the gap will shift in an attempt to replace the missing tooth. This causes crooked teeth which can cause oral hygiene problems and a misaligned bite.

Implant dentistry replaces the tooth root and the crown—the crown being the part of the tooth above the gum line. The dental implant is surgically placed at the site of the tooth root where it will—over a period of months—fuse with your jaw.

When this process is complete, the dental crown will be attached to the implant to give you a whole tooth. And it will look and feel just like your natural tooth.

So should you get implant dentistry or root canal therapy?

In the article “Dental Implants vs Root Canal”, the author says root canal therapy is “the best treatment option” if the tooth “will be able to survive for a long time.” On the other hand if the tooth has “little-remaining tooth structure” then extraction may be better for your health.

However, “predictable dentistry dictates that if” your tooth “is salvageable, a root canal therapy” should be “performed first.” But if “heroic feats are needed…a dental implant can be chosen to replace it”[1].

When you visit your dentist they will provide you with all available options.

If the damage to your tooth is extensive and root canal therapy is not a long-lasting solution, then they may recommend extraction and implant dentistry.

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