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If you’re missing a lot of teeth, implant-supported dentures may be the solution for you

Implant-supported dentures are better for your oral health than traditional dentures If you are missing teeth, say more than 4 or 5, an implant-supported denture is generally the best treatment option. At Brisbane Dental Implant Group we offer a number of implant-supported denture treatments to help a variety of patients.…

Implant dentistry: look after your whole mouth

Restore your tooth and maintain the health of your remaining teeth and jaw When you lose a tooth it affects your remaining teeth and the health of your jaw. That is why you should replace a tooth with implant dentistry. That is why dentists recommend replacing a missing tooth. The…

Dental implants are the most popular treatment for replacing a missing tooth

All the statistics now point to implant dentistry being the most popular way to replace a tooth It is simple. If you are missing one of more teeth the best treatment is implant dentistry. Every time. Don’t have sufficient jaw bone density to support a dental implant? Bone grafts and…

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