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What are your options when it comes to replacing a missing tooth?

What are your options when it comes to replacing a missing tooth?

Not replacing your tooth isn’t an option For your oral health Brisbane Dental Implant Group recommends you do not leave a gap in your smile. A gap will cause further oral health problems. These problems include jawbone degradation, crooked teeth and misaligned bite. It can, down the track, cause further…

If you’re missing a lot of teeth, implant-supported dentures may be the solution for you

Implant-supported dentures are better for your oral health than traditional dentures If you are missing teeth, say more than 4 or 5, an implant-supported denture is generally the best treatment option. At Brisbane Dental Implant Group we offer a number of implant-supported denture treatments to help a variety of patients.…

Implant dentistry: look after your whole mouth

Restore your tooth and maintain the health of your remaining teeth and jaw When you lose a tooth it affects your remaining teeth and the health of your jaw. That is why you should replace a tooth with implant dentistry. That is why dentists recommend replacing a missing tooth. The…

Dental implants are the most popular treatment for replacing a missing tooth

All the statistics now point to implant dentistry being the most popular way to replace a tooth It is simple. If you are missing one of more teeth the best treatment is implant dentistry. Every time. Don’t have sufficient jaw bone density to support a dental implant? Bone grafts and…

What a missing tooth means for your oral health

What a missing tooth means for your oral health

Dental implants restore the function and appearance of your smile The leading cause of tooth loss in adults is gum disease. After that it’s injury and accident. Gum disease is preventable. In fact it is easily one of the most preventable diseases that humans suffer from. And yet it is…

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