Here’s the only way to have dentures Brisbane

The best denture treatment is implant-supported dentures

If you are in Brisbane and are wondering what the best way to replace missing teeth is, we have the answer: implant-supported dentures.

Dentures have always been the most convenient way to replace teeth. Now, with implant-supported dentures you can have teeth replaced and still look after the health of your jaw.

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Why implant-supported dentures are better than traditional dentures

There is no better tooth replacement option than a dental implant. None. A dental implant provides the support to your jaw that your natural tooth root would. Without the prosthetic tooth root there would be nothing to stimulate your jaw.

This is detrimental because tooth loss causes your jawbone to atrophy. Over time it can cause further tooth loss as well as a sunken, aged appearance. By replacing a tooth root with a dental implant you prevent this atrophying process from taking place.

Implant-supported dentures from Brisbane Dental Implant Group

At our Coorparoo dental practice, we offer 3 implant-supported denture options. When you visit our dental practice one of our team will assess your oral health and determine which implant-supported denture would best suit your oral health.

1.      Fixed

A fixed denture is one where the denture is attached directly to the dental implants. How many dental implants are used varies from patient to patient.

It is necessary for you to visit your dentist every six months for check-ups and cleans. As only your dentist will be able to remove this denture.

2.      Removable

The difference between a fixed implant-supported denture and a removable implant-supported denture is: for removable dentures a custom-made bar will be attached to the implants to support the denture.

This implant-supported denture will clip into place and you will be able to remove it easily for cleaning.

3.      Implant-stabilised

An implant-stabilised denture is when a few implants stabilise your denture to your jaw. Unlike fixed dentures you can take your implant-stabilised denture out each night to clean it.

Why implant-stabilised dentures are the best choice

If you are going to replace your missing teeth, you should replace the whole tooth. Now, that is not to say that for every tooth lost an implant will be placed. In fact this cannot be done because adequate space must be left between implants for the best results.

So if you are missing four or five teeth you’d only need two implants: three at a stretch. These implants would then provide your jawbone with the required stimulation to promote healthy growth.

Why you should visit Brisbane Dental Implant Group for your implant-supported dentures Brisbane

At our specialist dental practice in Coorparoo, we have a team of oral surgeons, a prosthodontist, an orthodontist and a dentist with a special interest in dental implants. With our team you can visit the one dental practice for all your implant dentistry needs.

Whether you need a single dental implant and dental crown or you need a full-arch restoration, Brisbane Dental Implant Group can help you. If you would like to know more, or to make an appointment, please contact us today.

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