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Sometimes travelling to receive treatment can be the best option

Did you know replacing one missing tooth can protect your remaining teeth?

When you lose a tooth the bone which holds the tooth in place starts to shrink. This jawbone does not grow back. In fact, if you do not treat this problem it could—down the track—cause further tooth loss.

The reason why you lose a tooth is important

Not only should a tooth be replaced but the reason for the tooth loss also needs to be addressed. Now, if the reason you have lost a tooth and need a replacement is because of accident or injury, there’s not much your dentist can do about that other than recommend a better mouthguard.

However, if you have a lost a tooth because of either decay or gum disease: then these concerns should be treated before the tooth is replaced.

Gum disease remains the leading cause of adult tooth loss in the world. What’s worse is this is a totally preventable problem. Gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease, can be treated with a proper oral hygiene routine and regular visits to the dentist. Gingivitis can sometimes be nothing more than an inconvenience.

If, however, gingivitis is not treated it can progress to periodontitis, the final and worst stage of gum disease. This form of gum disease creates pockets between the teeth and gums where bacteria forms. Slowly, the tooth and the gum pull away and the tooth falls out.

Dental implants options

Brisbane Dental Implant Group offer patients a range of dental implant treatments. As one of the best tooth replacement options, dental implants can be effective for one or more missing teeth.

The dental implant itself acts as an artificial tooth root which provides support for the dental crown or bridge. Before a dental crown or bridge is attached to the dental implant there will be a healing period where your jawbone fuses with the dental implant. This is a process known as osseointegration. By having the dental implant act as an artificial tooth root you are providing stimulation to the jaw which allows for healthy jawbone growth. Lose a tooth root and there’s no longer that support—hence jawbone shrinkage.

Dental implants Sunshine Coast

If you are living on the Sunshine Coast and are looking for quality tooth replacement treatment from one convenient location, look no further than Brisbane Dental Implant Group.

Our team of highly qualified dental professionals will work with you to provide you with the dental implant treatment which best suits your needs.

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