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  • Raise the sinus floor and allow for new bone formation
  • Place implants with ease and security
  • Simple and common bone grating procedure to secure your new implants

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“During your initial consultation, we will recommend the best treatment for you based upon your tooth loss experience. Every patient is different, so we believe in tailoring a personal solution for you.”

— Dr Michael Howard

What are Sinus Lifts?

Your mouth is a space where there is bone, teeth, and soft tissue. You have an area called maxillary sinuses which are located behind your cheeks, in the area on top of your upper teeth. These areas are filled with air, and in some cases, your natural teeth on the upper level of your mouth will extend into this maxillary sinus area.

If you have teeth removed from your upper mouth area, then there will sometimes be just a thin wall. This is not a suitable area for affixing dental implants, and so a sinus lift is a procedure that seeks to grow bone in this maxillary sinus area.

  • If the upper jaw bone does not have enough height, or the sinuses are located too close to your jawbone, a sinus lift may be required.
  • Also known as a sinus augmentation, a sinus lift adds extra bone to your upper jaw between your maxillary sinuses and your jaw. In order to make way for the bone, it is necessary to “lift” the sinus membrane upwards.
  • The donor bone used for a sinus lift can come from your own body or synthetic material.

How does a sinus lift work?

Sinus lifts are medical procesures in which a small incision is made in your molar or premolar region. This exposes the jawbone, at which point a small opening is cut into the bone. The underlying space is filled with material to form a bone graft. The incision is then stitched up, and after several months of healing, the material that has been inserted into the bone becomes part of your jaw. At this point, a dental implant can be inserted.

The sinus lift procedure

Sinus lifts at Brisbane Dental Implant Group combine modern science and dentistry. We provide all of your specialized dental implant procedures in the one place which means that you can rest easy knowing you’re in great hands.

Sinus lifts are used when:

  • Teeth have been lost in the upper jaw leading to a lack of bone for an implant to be placed in
  • Bone has been lost owing to periodontal disease
  • Tooth loss has led to bone loss taking place in the jaw. This is because once teeth are gone, bone is reabsorbed into the body which can lead to there not being enough bone to place an implant
  • The maxillary sinus is too close to the upper jaw for an implant to be placed

The preparation for the sinus lift requires an implant of tissue (bone) which can be harvested from your own body, or placed as a synthetic material. If your own bone is being used then this will usually be harvested from another area of your mouth or another place on your body.

We will also take scans and x-rays of your mouth so that we can study the layout of your jaw and identify where we need to perform the surgery.

What is involved in the sinus lift surgery?

You are placed under either a local or a general anaesthetic. The surgeon cuts your gum tissue, and the tissue is raised exposing the bone in your mouth. A window is opened in your bone and then granules of bone grafting material are packed into the space where the sinus was. Once the bone is in place, the incision is closed with stitches.

How long will it take to heal?

The length of time it takes for the graft to grow will depend on how much bone is needed in the area. Usually, it takes around four to nine months for sufficient bone to grow in the space and to allow grafted material to mesh with your bone.

What to expect following your sinus lift procedure

A sinus lift procedure is not a small operation; it requires bone to grow in your body, and there may be some swelling following this procedure. You may also have some bleeding which occurs in your mouth and may also come from your nose.

  • Be careful not to blow your nose too forcefully or to sneeze too hard as this can cause the bone graft material to move around, and may loosen any stitches that you have
  • You will need to see us again for a follow up about a week to ten days after your procedure. This is to check the surgical site and to remove the stitches (if we have not put dissolving stitches in). We might need to see you a couple more times as you heal as well.
  • You will need to wait for the bone graft to harden and form part of your jaw – this takes time.

Are there any risks?

You can expect some risks – as with all surgical procedures – and with bone grafts, you have the risk of the sinus membrane being punctured or torn. If this takes place, your sinus lift can be redone.

Infection is also a risk – albeit a minor one. Ultimately, this is a highly successful procedure which is performed when patients require a dental implant but when there is insufficient bone material in the sinus area to house an implant.

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A sinus lift is a procedure that we perform here regularly. We are skilled and experienced in completing sinus lifts to ensure that your pain is managed successfully. Contact Brisbane Dental Implant Group to make your sinus lift appointment today.

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