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  • Restorations made on-site
  • Customised and personalised
  • Faster and more accurate
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Dr Michael Howard

“Our onsite dental lab in Brisbane is just another part of our dedication to giving you the very best care and service.”

— Dr Michael Howard

Onsite Dental Laboratory Brisbane

Our ceramic and acrylic technical support staff are an integral part of our dental implant team, and our onsite laboratory is just another part of our commitment to your care.

Unlike some surgeries who have your restorations made off-site, or even overseas, at Brisbane Dental Implants Group we have them made in house by our specialist technicians, Greg Mann and Ian Eberhardt.

While outsourcing is seen as convenient and less costly by some practices, the considerable downside to this is that it increases the likelihood of errors, and means any changes have to be sent away again, taking even more time.

Instead, our onsite technicians play an extremely important role in your treatment, from planning, right through to the final provision of your implant prosthetics.

Because you will be involved in the process, it allows us to provide you with a far more customised and personalised reconstruction, ensuring your comfort as well as the longevity of your implant. It also means we can provide exceptional quality control for you.

Between them Greg and Ian have over 60 years of experience in their highly specialised areas of expertise, so you can be assured that you are in the hands of some of the very best in their fields.

If you have any questions about our onsite laboratory facilities, or if you would like to book an appointment, please get in contact with us today.

Our Dental Lab Brisbane Technicians

Greg Mann – Acrylic Dental Technician

Greg MannGreg is our onsite Acrylic Dental Technician. He specialises in acrylic prosthesis and is responsible for the design and creation of implant retained prosthesis, temporary appliances, and splints, as well as partial and full dentures.

Greg is extremely experienced in his specialised field of acrylics. He has over 30 years’ experience as a dental technician and has worked at BDIG for the past eight years.

Greg is a perfectionist when it comes to the creation of dental prosthetics and has a special interest in characterisation; this involves the creation of prosthesis with special characteristic to complement the patient’s features and overall natural look.  He works very closely with our practitioners to achieve the best result possible for you.

Ian Eberhardt – Ceramic Dental Technician

Ian Eberhardt

Ian Eberhardt is Brisbane Dental Implant Group’s resident dental ceramist. He specialises in the creation of dental implant crowns, and is responsible for the fabrication of all implant crowns for all our patients.

Ian has worked exclusively in implant bridge and crown creation since 1987, and his passion and perfectionism shows in each and every crown he creates.

He strives to create crowns which look completely natural, and perfectly match the characteristics of a patient’s existing teeth.

Ian has over 32 years experience in the industry, and works closely with the other practitioners at Brisbane Dental Implant Group to ensure that your crown will perfectly suit your needs.

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