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Dental Implant-Supported Dentures : What you need to know


Here at the Brisbane Dental Implant Group, we provide a comprehensive range of care including dental implant-supported dentures that will keep your smile looking its best Losing teeth can be an embarrassing scenario particularly if you spend time in the public eye. But, it needn’t be something that goes untreated…

Are Dental Implants Safe?


If you are missing one tooth or many, dental implants From Brisbane Dental Implant Group can substitute both the function and form of a natural tooth. The benefits of dental implants can be vast and the knock-on effects of losing a tooth, conversely, can be detrimental. Dental implants can improve…

Do you need dental implants?


Brisbane Dental Implant Group offers dental implants to restore your smile and your oral health The team at Brisbane Dental Implant Group are passionate about providing the highest level of service and treatment to all our patients. Losing one tooth, or many, can be an incredibly traumatic and sometimes embarrassing…

Dental Implants – A Solution for Tooth Loss


Dental implants are an effective way to deal with missing teeth, and prevent further damage to your remaining natural teeth The loss of a tooth can occur for any number of reasons, be it through an accident, an infection, or even gum disease. For many, the appearance of a missing…

Thinking of going overseas for dental implants?


You may want to think again… Dental tourism has become quite popular over the past few years; the perception is you jet off to an Asian country, get the dental work done for a fraction of the cost, relax by the pool with a cocktail or ten, then head home…

Tips for preventing tooth loss


Whether you still have a full set of pearly whites or you have already lost one, these tips can help you prevent further tooth loss and keep your teeth healthy for life. What causes tooth loss? There are several reasons why tooth loss may occur including age, poor dental hygiene…

What to do if you knock a tooth out in an accident


Accidents do happen - and without proper protection, teeth can be just as susceptible to damage as the rest of our body. Cracks, chips and tooth loss are all possible outcomes from knocks and falls during sport or everyday accidents. In some cases, teeth can be put back in place…

Dental implants gone wrong

dental implants brisbane

Are you considering dental implant treatment and want to know what can go wrong? The dental implant failure rate is very low. Statistically speaking, only 4.8% of implants fail within a 15-year window of placement. The study which came to this conclusion said that the “variables statistically associated with implant…

Should I get a tooth bridge or implant?


 At Brisbane Dental Implant Group we recommend getting an implant-supported bridge or single dental implant treatment A traditional dental bridge is where two dental crowns are fused to a false tooth. This treatment requires shaving down two healthy teeth and placing crowns on these to anchor the false tooth. While…

Where’s the best place to get dental implants?


The best place to get dental implants is somewhere that is one-stop-shop for all your dental implant treatment needs. Dental implant treatment involves a dentist, an oral surgeon, a lab technician and an oral hygienist. This can mean you go to your dentist, they refer you to an oral surgeon,…

Are Dental Implants Permanent?


If you are going to undergo treatment to replace your missing or damaged teeth it is important to weigh up the permanency of the treatment to ensure you aren’t starting a cycle of repair. When it comes to dental implants their permanency is linked to a number of factors, all…

Types of Dental Implants

Brisbane Dental Implant Group provides patients with many different types of dental implants. A missing tooth not only affects the appearance of your smile, it also affects your health. This is why dentists are so insistent on patients replacing missing teeth. Whether you are missing a tooth or a full…

Are there problems with teeth implants?

All surgery carries with it some risk, and teeth implants are no different Teeth implants (a.k.a. dental implants) are biocompatible metal screws, surgically placed at the site of the missing tooth root. Over the years various metals have been used in the making of dental implants, and now most implants…

Dentures: a new smile

Dentures New Smile

Dentures can give you a new lease on your smile Are you missing teeth? Aren’t a fan of the idea of loose, wobbly dentures slipping and sliding around? Want a solution that’ll allow you to eat and speak normally without embarrassment? If you are looking to achieve a new smile,…

Why you may need bone grafting for dental implants

Bone grafting for dental implants

Tooth loss affects the health of your jaw and if not replaced can cause jawbone atrophy Did you know your teeth look after the health of your gums and your jaw? Were you aware jawbone density is stimulated by chewing? And if you are missing teeth there’s nothing to keep…

Should I get a tooth implant?

A tooth implant can help restore your chewing and speaking

A dental implant is the best option for replacing missing teeth When you lose a tooth it affects your jaw, gums and remaining teeth. A lost tooth also affects speech and eating. Did you know specific sets of teeth have specific functions when it comes to eating? Your front teeth are…

How long do dental implants last?

How long do dental implants last?

Dental implants are a long-lasting tooth replacement treatment, but when you’re investing this much money, how long is long-lasting? The actual dental implant itself, the titanium screw surgically placed at the site of the missing tooth root, is made from biocompatible titanium. This means that your implant has a higher…

What are my options to replace missing teeth?

What are my options to replace missing teeth?

Brisbane Dental Implant Group offer a number of tooth replacement options. Because everyone’s oral health and their jaws are different there is no one size fits all approach to replace missing teeth. Two of the healthiest options for tooth replacement are: Implant-supported bridge Implant-supported denture Which of these two will…

Are traditional dentures the only false teeth available?

Are dentures the only fake teeth available?

Thanks to advances in dentistry there are now many ways teeth can be replaced. Are you missing teeth? Wondering what your options are? Dentistry now provides multiple tooth replacement options, from dental bridges and dentures to dental implants. Click here to read: Say Goodbye to Wobbly, Loose Dentures Click here to…

How to replace missing teeth

How to replace missing teeth

Brisbane Dental Implant Group provides patients with a variety of tooth replacement options Losing a tooth can be embarrassing. Losing a tooth can affect how well a person digests food, or how well they speak. Losing a tooth creates health problems—the jawbone starts to atrophy as soon as you lose…

New study finds antidepressants linked to dental implant failure

antidepressants linked to dental implant failure

A preliminary study undertaken at the University at Buffalo has revealed that of the small number of dental implant failures which occur, 33% of those patients were reportedly using antidepressants. Australia is the second highest prescriber of antidepressant medications in the world, second only to Iceland. Approximately one in ten…

Are there problems with dental implants?

What are the problems with dental implants?

As with any medical treatment there are risks associated with implant treatment The standard medical disclaimer reads: “Surgery and all health regulated services carry risks which need to be discussed with your doctor. It is always recommended you seek a second opinion.” One of the reasons for this standard disclaimer…

New study: “Implants improve quality of life and save on long-term costs”

New study: “Implants improve quality of life and save on long-term costs”

Over the last ten years more and more data has been collated on the long-term effectiveness of dental implant-based treatments A study published by the "International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Implants" was conducted over 10 years and reviewed 14 studies. The review which appeared in the journal stated that:…

Can veneers replace missing teeth?

Can dental veneers replace missing teeth?

Or: what to do about a missing tooth If you are missing a tooth there really is only one treatment for you. However, with so many dental options out there and so many blogs extolling the virtue of this or that treatment, it is unsurprising people become confused about what…

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