Dentures Rockhampton

Every day multiple people in Rockhampton lose teeth. It may be a single adult tooth that is knocked out at footy training, a row of teeth that are damaged in a car accident, a few teeth that need to be removed due to damage or infection or decayed teeth being removed for replacement.

Each adult tooth that is lost needs to be replaced for function, and in the case of front or side teeth, aesthetics.

There are a number of options when it comes to replacing teeth, one of the oldest and most widely known is dentures.

What are dentures and how do they work?

Many young people believe dentures are something grandma and grandad wear when their teeth have fallen out and that it is inevitable they will themselves ‘leave their false teeth on the bathroom sink’ overnight.

Dentures can replace a full row or full mouth of teeth, however they can also be used to replace single or multiple teeth, and discreetly sit between natural existing teeth.

Depending on your needs, dentures can be formed in a number of ways. They can be on a metal frame that wraps around your existing teeth and jaw bone, they can be implant supported for a more permanent and fixed approach or they may be a few teeth on either side with an arch that connects along the roof of your mouth.

Dentures work by placing a functioning replacement for the missing tooth. You can chew with them and they provide a physical aesthetic replacement for the missing tooth/teeth.

Dentures are removable which means cleaning the surrounding teeth is close to your usual brush and floss process. Cleaning the dentures is simple enough and something that will be explained thoroughly when fitted.

Are Dentures very noticeable and uncomfortable?

With changes in the technology and way we make dentures they are no longer as uncomfortable as they used to be, they are also much more aesthetically pleasing.

Dentures can be created with materials that provide a natural result with translucent colouring and appearance very similar to your natural teeth. They can now be constructed to look like individual teeth rather than a single prosthetic.

Dentures are now much more comfortable than they once were. Sores and ulcers are no longer the problem they once were and correctly fitted dentures can leave you with little to no comfort concerns.

Who can provide dentures?

Dentures can be provided by any dental professional. To ensure you are getting the best dentures with the best appearance and fitting, it’s important you see someone with extensive denture experience.

Dr Michael Howard at Brisbane Dental Implant Group has a special interest in dental implants and tooth replacement. This means that he spends every day working with patients to replace their missing teeth and has extensive experience working with dentures in their many forms.

Dentures Rockhampton

We have many patients who travel from Rockhampton to visit Dr Howard for a consultation and treatment. His many years of experience and expertise in dental implants and dentures means you can rest assured that the treatment provided to you will be the best option for your personal circumstances.

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